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I have recently run this wizard from a winxp home edition machine, copying the data files to a network drive. Next the computer was wiped clean, formatted and had fresh winXP pro put on it. So I fire up the new Files And Settings Transfer wizard (F.A.S.T.) and point it at the directory created by the old computer FAST and it says no information found.

Research tells me that I should have used the FAST program from a cd so that the identical program could handle the data file. Having failed that, there is a utility out there aparently authored by microsoft, but since abondaned, called fastconv.exe. It is a command line tool with a deviously had to figure out synatax. It just tells me that it doesn't like my data file.

Has anyone beaten this beast down before?

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I have learned to hate it too. Thanks for your thoughts, unfortunately, the new and old pc are the same. The old now reformatted away.

How about FASTConv? Any ideas about the usage for that?

Thanks very much,

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