Hello Again,

I managed to fix my hard drive problem, but now i'm having issues with this executable file.
At random times it decides that it is going to take up 99 - 100 % of my CPU. I had this issue before. So I reformatted my computer and put the new HDD in.
Why does this keep antagonizing me.

Hi maui_mallard

svchost.exe is a generic host service name for services running from dll's (dynamic link libraries). It is normal to have a few svchost processes running at one time. Process Explorer from sysinternals will allow you to view the services loaded under svchost and determine which one is using up all the cpu

Download Process Explorer. Unzip ProcessExplorer.zip and double-click procexp.exe. When your svchost uses all the cpu time look in Process Explorer's cpu column to determine which instance is causing the problem and right-click on it select Properties then services tab

Ok, so the service inside of the SVCHOST.exe that seems to be occuping my CPU usage is the "HP Network Devices Support". I do run a printer through a network, and it is quite important that I keep that running. What can I do to solve this problem now?