Hello all! I am new here and boy am I glad to have found this place...Here is my dilemma, I have windows XP for my main computer and decided to install from the same disk on a second computer (without realizing the problems I was in store for) but since I cannot enter the registration code for more than one computer, as it simply won't let me, it is due to completely lock up in 6 days. I was told that I would have to wipe out the hard drive and re-install a different program. Is there any way to avoid the lock up or uninstall before that time (mind you, we have tried installing windows 2000 but it won't allow that either) - I would rather find some sort of loop hole to keep the computer from locking up and not have to uninstall and reinstall everything on it...if at all possible (and not have to spend $200 on a second license) - Thank you ahead of time for all your help!


It's a losing battle, you would be better following the advice you were given, wipe the drive and reinstall a OS that you have a poper pruduct key for.

ok, thank you...can you tell me how to do that?

There are several freeware programs that you could download to wipe you hdd, or you could go online to the manufacturer of your hdd and use the harddrive manufacture's diagnostic utility to zero fill the drive.

You will need to make floppy or CD to boot from in order to wipe the drive, and it helps if your BIOS recognizes that drive at the first of the POST.

I use Drive Wipe when I'm going to over write a hdd, but I did some checking around, and found the following freeware that has a good reputation.