I have only ever reformattted my laptop once before and it was with help. But im pretty sure that the reinstallation cd for windows Xp is NOt supposed to show up as a partition right? I guess its kind of a dumb question but im worried i may have ****ed myself by deleting what was on the cd. :-O I went forward with deleting all partitions to completely wipe my system, but my drive E:/ which is my cd drive showed up. not sure if the allocatedmemory was for the backup OS cd that was in my computer at the time. If the data on the cd was wiped, is there anything i can do short of buying another OS?

If you have have an actual install CD you should be OK. You can't actually delete any files from it.
Boot from the CD and follow the install prompts, including formatting the disk.
If you need more help, include the make and model of the machine and type of CD.

Thank you for replying. everything is all good, cd wasnt deleted (lol) and windows xp is running now.:)

your laptop might have come with a hidden partition, but your cd can't show up as a partition it will show as a cd drive and you definately can't delete it unless you use some cd writing software and the CD would ahve to be re-writable media..

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