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Can someone give me a idiots gide with step by step instructions on how to reinstall my windows 2000 pro i have lodes of things wrong with my computer to many to list. I did a repear it sorted some of them out but not the importent one's (i think my boy's been messing with the computer) i think its time i lernt how to do this myself insted of asking other people to do it for me. So could someone please help me :lol:


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Do you want to install windows 2000 cleanly or just upgrade it to a new windows 2000 ??

i want a clean install of 2000 pro




You need to first backup your data. That is of primary concern. When you are done with the re-install process, the data will be gone.

Next, boot from the Windows 2000 CD-ROM. Go through the motions of agreeing to the install process, and the license agreement.

You will be given a choice on what drive to install the OS on. You may wish to consider having a C: and a D: on the same physical disk. Why? If you place all your data on D:, it will be protected if some software problems arise on C: It will not protect you from a mechanical hard disk error, however. I always make a C: and a D:, so that I have this protection. How much space? Depends. If you have a 20 GB drive, I would give the C: 15 and the D: 5

Once the OS is installed, you will need to reboot your computer, and head to the manufacturers website, and upgrade any device drivers, such as chipset, videocards, and ethernet cards. While the present drivers on your box may work properly, there might be more efficient drivers, or bug fixes, on the websites that will make your machine work better.

After all the drivers are installed, go and get the latest Service Packs, and then download all the windows upgrades. Do the service patch to SP4 first, and then hit the update sites.

If you need more detailed assistance, let us know. I would have to make one from scratch to help you, but that is not impossible. I have done this for so many years, but don't have the exact steps memorize. They just happen.


thanx i got someone in to do it in the end


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