I have just swapped over to a new computer and transferred my outlook files. I now however have two lots of personal folders when I open Outlook - any idea how to remove one of them please. I am using xp pro with office 2003.
Thank you.

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Hey Mackers,
First, name your pst file you brought over from the old machine. You should be able to tell which one this is by its location.
1. File->Data file management
2. Highlight the pst which you brought over (you should be able to determine this by its location) click Settings…
3. Now name the pst what ever you would like i.e. Primary
4. Ok and Close out of Data files

Here we will remove the unwanted pst file and set your primary pst file to receive incoming messages. If you have already had messages delivered to the default, pst move those messages your primary pst and disconnect your network cable to prevent any additional messages from coming in.

1. Tools->Email Accounts
2. Leave default "View or change...." click Next
3. Select Primary under “Deliver new email to…..”
4. Highlight the pst file you do not want and click Remove


commented: thanks for prompt help +1

Thanks for that - it seems to have put me in the right direction and I've managed to create another outlook profile and point to this one for mail delivery.

Many thanks.

No problem, thanks for posting the issue has ben resolved!


Should of been able to right-click and select close folder

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