elow everyone

i need help about my yahoo messenger,it seems it has a virus how can i remove the virus? ?
and i got also problem about my IE homepage it seems it has a spyware or a virus
because on blue color where the maxima,minimum and close there is " jaymyka.wen9.com

please help me remove this ......thanks alot


Jeny, when you hit Ctrl + Alt + Del, look at the proccesses tab, do you see a proccess titled mveo.exe and jay.exe?

Jeny, when you hit Ctrl + Alt + Del, look at the proccesses tab, do you see a proccess titled mveo.exe and jay.exe?

oops there's a problem again why i can't access the task manager,it say it is disabled how can i enable that ?huhuhuhu please help

Sounds like malware disabled your task manager.
If it's XP Pro I found the following method:

• Click Start
• Click Run
• Enter gpedit.msc in the Open box and click OK
• In the Group Policy settings window
o Select User Configuration
o Select Administrative Templates
o Select System
o Select Ctrl+Alt+Delete options
o Select Remove Task Manager
o Double-click the Remove Task Manager option

I sorry I didn't reply till now, you need to delete mveo.exe and jay.exe, possibly more but you should see these two files with your current issues. Locate these files and delete them, you might have to do it from safe mode. If you do not know how to load in safe mode reply back and I or someone will elt you know. It probably wouldn't hurt to run hijack this and maybe another program such as adware or search and destroy. Check for these files and others and remove them, post your hijack this log in here before you use that one to delete anything. Adware, Seacrh and Destroy will do everything for you but the problem is you can not be 100% sure you got everything with those programs, they will get most of it for you though.

ok how to safe mode my PC ?? ?


i really dont know what to do...i can remove that malware or virus

when i try Downloading ccleaner it just prompt afterward it gone,it just like a pop up.....
ccleaner is also the same with hijackthis

irayburn,i try your suggestion but its only prompting afterward its gone...huhuuhhu

please somebody help me

1. backup
2. format
3. restore windows

assuming you are having lots of problems with many applciations on your home computer

Unless I am mistaken, which very good chance I am, if he backsup his drive, reformats windows, then reloads his backup, he will just reload the virus, correct? He needs to delete the files that are causing the problems or just completely re-format windows. Now what you could do, which would be easier, backup only the files you need, save any folders that do not contain system files, the virus and malware are disguised as system files and if you back up a folder that contains these, you will infect your backup and then just reload the problem. You have to be able to find these files and delete them, I believe there are only 3 files you have to delete, it is possible they have been copied and put into different folders, but just 3 names you are looking for. To boot in safe mode, restart your computer and hit F8(or which ever key it requires on your computer) and this will give you the option to start Windows Normally, Start WIndows in Safe Mode, and a few more options. Choose start in safe mode, you should then be able to run hijackthis in safe mode, once again you are looking for mveo.exe, jay.exe, and jaymyka.wen9.com. If hijackthis still does not start, do a search for those files. Apparently you and I are on at completely different times and I am sorry for the long delay between post but you will be able to fix this. There is a lot of discussion on this particular malware on the web, here is a link to a thread on a guy couldn't access his different drives much like you can't access task manager. You should be able to go through these same steps. Let me know if you still run into problems.

But once again, easiest way to delete the files is to boot in safe mode, search for the files or use hijackthis, and delete all instances of these 3 files I have listed for you. Or if you don't care about any files on your computer and just want your computer to work, just re-format windows and be done with it, I am sure you want to save some things though.

backup ?

i would never backup an entire drive as it was ?
surely any sensible person would backup personal and important files?

software/drivers can be installed again.

Fungus, I just wanted to make sure he did not take it that way and backup his entire drive. You and I might know not to back up a drive like that, but it is possible he doesn't. I did not mean to offend and just wanted to give the benefit of the doubt there. It is possible for him to remove the infected files before having to reformat though.

i agree you can fix a problem before it escalates but due to the nature of this problem i 'assumed' the user has more than likely had there pc for a decent length of time knowing that many users pick up viruses of the like over time. for general stability and performance it is reccomended to reformat every 6 months. this is perhaps a little over the top but if the user in question has a problem and have had there system for quite a long period of time having performed backups for friends/family i know this is a great reason to do so.

and there was no no offence taken at all. we all simply give our opinions here.

I agree from my own experience it might take MUCH more time to try to fix the problem than it would to just backup your files and reinstall Windows, unless you are an expert. Of course I would prefer to be able to remove it to pat myself on the back. lol But in giving advice I might have to say go ahead and backup and reinstall, especially if the problem is proving difficult for you (that covers every user level that way). Just don't backup windows files.

if you do consider formatting your drive there are plenty of tutorials like this >> which can take you through it step by step. just google it.