I used to subscribe to a radio talk show host's newsletters about computers and technical info and also downloaded the radio programs on podcast thru iTunes. However, I never had time to read all newsletters or listen to podcasts so I unsubscribed. Now my grandaughters received iPods for Christmas and I was trying to download songs for them on itunes but a window kept popping up titled "Connect to content kimkomando.com". It wanted my id and password, I tried every password I could think of, but none worked - I can only assume it's because I'm not subscribed to the show anymore. Since my podcasts went to itunes I'm assuming the komando signin is still linked to it. I went to files and deleted anything that had to do with Kim Komando , I was then able to get on itunes and download songs. The next day I tried to get back on itunes and this same signin window came up AND I CAN'T GET RID OF IT!!!!!!! I have to use Window Task Manager to end all tasks in order to get rid of it. I've tried e-mailing their support several times and even tried calling (you have to leave a message) and no one has contacted me. If anyone can help me get rid of this thorn in my side once and for all I would GREATLY appreciate it!

iTunes automatically unsubscribes from a podcast if the following conditions are both met:

1. The user has not played any episode downloaded in the past 5 updates (there may be more than one episode downloaded per update.
2. More than 5 days have elapsed since an episode was played.

In addition to minimizing unnecessary bandwidth costs for both the user and the podcaster, the unsubscribe logic built into the iTunes client makes it more likely that episode downloads, as reported by a podcaster to a sponsor, are roughly in line with actual plays of the episode.

It should stop nagging you in a few days.