I did a general Google search for 'no sound from Real Player or Media Player' and found your site. There was a thread on the topic from anouther user back in January but it never seemed to get finished. I have pasted info from this thread because it fits my situation. Some additional information though is that sometimes I get sound and sometimes not. I view a lot of news programs on line i.e. C-Span, ABC new on line, CBS news on line and CNN. They all play sound sometimes and other times not - case in point. If I am on CBS News, I get sound for the news video clips and not from the commercials. I get sound from most video clips but not from others using all the same links. I am totally confused about this. Please help.

PASTE FROM OTHER THREAD - Hi Guys, I am having the exact same problem as "Asif_NSU" and it looks like his problem was never solved.

My Windows Media Player (vers. 10) plays video, but NO SOUND. It doesn't matter what type of file or media I try to play, no sound ever comes out.

I have upgraded all my drivers and they are fine. I tried uninstalling and re-installing WMP10 and that made no difference. All my audio settings are set to max volume and nothing is muted. I checked device manager and all drivers are installed correctly. No exclamation marks.

I am running Windows XP.

Thanks for any help

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Welcome to Daniweb :)

Your on the Win98 Base,you should have posted this on the WinXP base...

But anyway have you tried to do a system restore to when things worked correctly?? (Sound with the players) Are you sure MUTE isnt selected??

I hope you enjoy your stay :)

Sorry about that - new to the site and I read the rules and everything..... I can't restore back that far. It's been going on for a while and it's not consistent at all

Thats OK but you might get a faster resolution had this been on the XP base.. (But hopefully someone will be able to help you on this :))

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