Hello, everyone. I am entirely new to this forum. In addition, I am technologically challenged when it comes to the language of computers. That said, I will attempt to describe the problem I am experiencing.

I have Vista Home Premium (upgraded from Microsoft XP) running on an HP Pavillion 1600. For the past year I have been running Norton Internet Security 2007 - no real problems. However I recently renewed my Norton contract and added a feature called "Auto-Protect". Ever since I did these things, the following (very annoying) problem has continuously arisen.

Windows sends periodic updates at 3:00AM. When my computer receives these updates, the result is that all internet connection capacity is destroyed. The IP Addresses disappear, and the computer tells me that there are no drivers. This is corrected by running "System Restore" and choosing the restore point immediately prior to the most recent Windows update.

Norton has looked at the problem c/o their chat service but they have not fixed it. HP looked at it and simply suggested the "System Restore" approach, which works but is stop-gap - and I don't want to be running "System Restore" every morning.

Does anyone a) recognize this problem and b) know what I ought to do about it?

One final note - I was getting an error message that read: "Auto-protect has encountered and unexpected error: 0X000003E8."

I called Norton on this and they accessed my computer remotely, and I believe they went in and removed the Trojan Zlob virus as a consequence. Since their intervention, the loss of internet connection has persisted, however. I haven't seen a return of the error message, which may mean it was associated with the virus and not the internet problem.

Looking forward to any assistance you might be able to suggest.

I suggest you disable auto protect, and try the windows up date,,,as a point when you restore the system before the update, that mean you don't have the updates anymore, and you would ahev to down load again. also check if the setting have an option to close internet connection what it is completed.

Thanks - I agree that disabling Auto-Protect would be a good first start - if I could figure out HOW! When I look at my programs it does not appear as a separate program, so I assume it is somehow embedded in the Norton Internet Security 2008 program (which would suggest disabling Norton, generally??) ALSO - I didn't quite get your last point. "Check if the setting have an option to close internet connection what is completed". Sorry - WHICh "setting" should I check? And if it does have that option, what do I do with it? As I said - I am a danger to myself and others when I am around computers.

open Norton internet security, look around in the option or setting, you should be able to turn off or disable auto protect. as for the auto updates see if there is a setting to disable/close internet connection after updating......if you are not very familiar with this get some one to help.

Okay - I will give it a try. I'm not at the "offending" computer right now - so I won't be able to check this out for a few hours. I will let you know one way or the other. Thanks again for taking the time.

Your welcome

also, i had this experience with my dads laptop, the updates disabled the internet, but the same updates didnt do anything to my desktop computer, it was kinda weird...

but what i did was disable auto update, than dont do any updates for a few days or weeks, than start it up again, they should have other updates ready or at least the other one fixed...

dont try to contact microsoft about it because they dont help...i hate that...

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