I had to install a new hard drive , 98 came with my pc , lost everything ! borrowed a factory 98 and upgrade from a friend . I have a 19" screen that is stuck on 16 color 648x480. 5 days now , I also notice in device manager i have a :
yellow exclamation on mother board resorces
" " kernal system renderer
" " other devices
then a yellow question mark with a exclamation on
mpu-401 compatiable
sci irq used by acpi bus
IM lost !!!!!!! Cant anyone Help PLEASE

You have loaded Windows 98, but you haven't loaded any device drivers for your system. Windows 98 is simply using basic, generic device drivers to run your system with.

Specifically you need motherboard drivers, audio drivers and display drivers for the system to operate as it should.

If there's a make and model number for that PC of yours that you can determine, pay a visit to the Support section of the manufacturer's website and see if you can find any device drivers there available for download.

ok i found a list of drivers for compaq , but i couldnt seem to find any drivers for my situation. My new hard drive isnt a compaque brand and came with no disk ? I did download 3 drivers from compaq in hopes but when i go to device mnger and search for new drivers it says it will continue using what i have. I dont know alot about this kinda stuff so please excuse if i sound stupid , oh when i restart it says windpws doent support my sumthin choice ??

The brand isn't the important bit really- what we would need to know in order to help you get the drivers is the make and model of motherboard and/or specific information about the hardware devices (sound and video chipsets, for example) you're having trouble with.

Here goes hope this is the info you need , compaq presario , 5000 series , 5BW120 , going thhrough device manager it says mother board workin ok now ! chip sets and other stuff like that i have no clue where to find models #`s ... Hope I get this working before yall give up on me thanks!!! lil more directional info where to find info u need plz

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