Hey everyone!

I am thinking off to update windows from 2000 to XP... However, I have a few questions regarding this update..

1) Would it harmful for my computer or would I lose any data?
2) Should I update or not?

I have the answer of question number two myself... But I just want to know what you people think out there... and what you recommend...

Thanks for the great help! ;)

Personally, I'd just backup my data, and do a clean install of XP.

I've heard of success stories with upgrades, but then I've heard of failures, too. It's almost always advisable just to reformat and reinstall if you're changing OSes.

I would agree with alc6379. I personally recommend that you get XP. Also I think that after you back up data and begin your installation dont do a quick format, its always best that when your gonna start a fresh copy of an operating system that your system is COMPLETELY clean. I have recently had mayor problems on another one of my computers of windows not installing correctly until i picked the longer version of the format.

I have updated from windows 2000 professional to XP professional. I faced problem with my modem. I understand one must unstall modem driver as well as physically remove Modem from the computer before installing XP. I ignored this and therefore facing problem. I repeat, you must uninstall modem and remove it physically. Also read other XP installation problems on Microsoft site.This problem is not reported for clean install.

Regarding the problem I am facing(Modem not working), I understand this is due to feature Plug and Play in Windows. If you don't follow above procedure, Windows automatically detects Modem drivers(which gets corrupted during installation) and loads them. They cannot be removed using Device Manager or Uninstalling Modem options. Reinstalling XP again may be an option ?(I have not tried) .Buy a new modem (expensive !). Any other solution ?

Personally, I never change O/Ss for no reason. If there is a good reason, go ahead, but if your computer runs fine, donĀ“t change just to say you have the latest.

The latest can still present bugs.
You may not like the new one.
There is going to be a learing curve.

Again, just a personal preference, I like 2000 better than XP and already know its quirks and how to use it. Also, there are some advantages to 2000 over XP.

I will agree with the former posts, however, do a clean install if you must change...

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