First, I'm new to these forums, as you may notice. I finally broke down and registered with a site that looks like it has people that actually know what they're talking about. As a preface, I like to think I know some stuff about computers, but I'm definitely stumped here.

Okay, here is my problem. I just recently setup a new wireless network in my apartment to share the internet on my desktop with my wife's new laptop. After fighting with it for about 5 hours (my first networking experience), I discovered Network Magic and used it to finish the setup. The network seems to be working fine, but ever since I set it up, my desktop has had display issues. I thought it was the monitor, so I bought a new one and used the cable that came with it instead of the old one, but the problem persists. The desktop is connected to the router via an ethernet cable as I do not have a wireless adapter installed.

During operation, I get blocks of color in the screen. Anytime I open the Start menu, the blocks spread across the the menu, and when I close the menu, the blocks remain. The color blocks also appear anytime there is an animation running either in a website or on my desktop and when viewing videos. The blocks do not immediately appear with videos, but will begin accumulating one-by-one the longer the video plays. The blocks are usually purple, though they have been green before. Also, the day after installing the network, after switching user accounts, the screen starting flashing on-and-off and my screen resolution changed from 1024x768 to 400x600, which isn't even a normal option for my monitor (old or new). The blocks started after I changed it back.

I have already uninstalled/reinstalled the video drivers from the manufacturer's website. I have had to reformat the drive in the past (one pesky virus) before having a network, don't know if that would matter. I don't have all of the tedious network settings at hand at the moment, and I don't know if they really matter. I have tried pretty much everything I can think of and even a few things that I haven't. From what I've read at other sites, it seems like my problem may be a bad video card. If there is any other possible solution to this, I would rather not have to buy a new video card. I was recently told that the network should not be causing this problem, except in a rare incident having to do with conflicting settings, but he didn't elaborate on that.

Sorry for the long post, I'm just trying to describe the whole issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hello And Welcome to Daniweb ,there are a lot of people here who know what tey are taking about and one will come along please be patient ,I have nothing to offer as i have never seen this before ,some opinions though ,cant see it having anything to do with the setting up of a network .but it could be a bad video card !!
have you scaned you computer with any spyware/virus lately .if not i suggest ,spybot search and destroy ,and ad-aware ,and a computer cleaner called CCleaner ,all can be found at ,in the spyware section .
good luck

The more I think about it, the more I think it is the video card. Thanks for the advice. I swept the drive a few days ago for spyware and other things, cleaned it all out. Still having problems. Odd thing is, the blocks only appear on the desktop background to begin with, but the longer I use the computer, the worse they get. They also appear in games, so I know it's not just internet explorer doing it. Oh, and the blocks have never appeared when the screen saver is being displayed. Weird.

I swept the drive a few days ago for spyware and other things, cleaned it all out. Still having problems. .

maybe it caused by virus/trojan/spyware if you are still having problem .