Hi , i Have a Flash or Jump or Stick Removable disk and i want to make installation from that disk , I want to know is anybody ever do this ?
Do i need to set additional boot setting ? or not ? I never boot form Removable disk. :(

Thank you for your effort of reading .

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Don't really know how you would do it. But if I were to try...

I would use PE builder or equivalent, maybe ryanVM or something. Probably PE bart.

As well your bios would have to be set to usb legacy support enabled, and It would also have to support booting from Flash media. Need a pretty big flash drive too. You would probably need a pretty big driver pack such as you would find on ryanVM's site.

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oh thank you for your quickly respond ,by the way i need to install on 10 computers same Windows XP.
So i think to do with Flash because network(100Mgbts) is Slow.Do you agree?


Do you have 10 separate licenses? What kind of XP?

Why not server with network boot? Not sure what to say.


XP licenses separate . XP SP2
>Why not server with network boot? Not sure what to say.

How with network boot ?
I can only copy same XP on every Computer and every computer must have 2 partitions so i must format one of them .
I think that is slow .And then boot from other Partition.

So what do you think ?


1 license? ...or 1 for each computer? 1 for 10 isn't really legal.(and hard to deal with)

Net boot is hard I thought you might use server 2003 with workstations.. nevermind.

Are all the computers the same? Exactly?


You could load one system and clone each of the others to match using norton ghost or another utility you would have to go out and find.

They would still have to be loaded with different keys and activated thru Microsoft to stay legal.

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