I have a client who is getting errors when he tries to install a DVD game from his DVD drives, the main error is "This is not a valid win32 app." I can see all the files from win explorer and I even copied all the game files to his hard drive and ran the game setup from there, no problems.... but when I try to load the game or any DVD game, same error and the drive won't auto load, I have to browse to the setup files... I tried an external DVD that I know is good, same error... He can watch DVD movies, no problem and CD's load no problem, I checked the BIO's and the drives show, I've gone into Hardware Manager and the drives look good, can't figure this out... anyone have a answer. He has XP pro, AMD AM2 3200, 1 GB Ram, 16X Lite-on DVD-/+RW, 16X LG DVD-ROM.. and no other problems that I've seen.

P.S No viruses, no spyware, no ad-ware, clean machine.

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I have also seen this occur on systems with old versions of Windows Installer. Download all the available windows updates for him and see if it helps.


Thanks DaveB,

I checked out the KB on Microsoft and there are a few more things there that I haven't tried and I will next time I can get with my client and the Event Viewer tells me to look at services to make sure there on, no real help there...


Did you check out the MS Knowledge Base article for this;


Did it provide any help.

Also try running event viewer,

Start > Run > eventvwr.msc

And find any related events to this error, and post, or research the Event ID's.

Regards, David


jbennet, Thanks but that was one of the first thing that I thought of MSI Installer updated that first, all Win updates are installed, I think it has something to do with the Hardware and the way it is installed, I think i'll get with him this weekend and just check his updates and some MS KB tricks, I'll update this post after that.


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