I apologize If this is the wrong forum to post this type of message...feel free to redirect me thanks.
I own a Dell XPS running windows XP...the pc did not come with any backup cd's (I was told all the backups and info can be located online)... I was hit hard and my computer is not functioning HOW DO I REFORMAT? I have a new Vista CD if that helps...Can someone please help me?

Thanks so much,

To re-format your Hard drive follow this procedure:
1. Locate any files you will need and either transfer them to discs, memory sticks, or another external hard drive.
2. Find the name of the drive you wish to reformat and right-click on it.
3. Select the option "Format..."
4. Follow the simple Instructions using the wizard.

Hope that helps.

DUDE i tried doing what you said and I cant because there are still programs running even though i exit all of them there are hundreds on my processes list when i press ctrl alt del...I dont know what to do I cant even add/remove programs...the virus wont let me.
Is there anything else i can do?


you can't format the system drive from within windows. the only way to format the drive is either by a booting from a CD or floppy. restart the PC when you see the bios screen, hit the key that it says to enter setup for the bios, either F5, DEL then make sure the boot priority is set to CD then HDD, pop the vista cd in, then restart the pc when it boots from the cd follw the prompt, until you get to the screed to choose the HDD to install to. you will see an advance link, click on it and choose to delete the partition.

Thank you bobbyraw I did it!