Running Windows Me, the AOL versions is the latest 9.0 Security Edition, when i start up the computer, and enter windows the following programs appear on my taskbar, Waol, Aoldial, Aolservicehost, Aolhostmanager, all of these prgrams are usless but they auto start when the computer starts, and they suck my RAM dry, how do i delete or at least disable these programs without screwing up my aol browsing ability? *note, I releaize That i should take this question up with AOL, problem is I have tried, the live chat is down, message boards still no replie, and i do not want to call them and talk to some guy from India who I cannot understand, and who cannot understand me, already been there done that.

without screwing up my aol browsing ability?

I don't know which of these programs you need to surf the internet with AOL but I can tell you how to disable the autostart entries:

Start->run->enter msconfig, click OK and then go to the startup tab and uncheck the programs that you do not want to be started automatically. Leave scanreg.exe enabled!


ty for the help, i did so and now they do not start at start-up, although i do have a slightly unrelated question i shall ask, i got Mcaffe from the new aol, and it found 75 "dangerous" items on my computer that it could not delete, clean, or quartine, because it said they were "write protected" which i assume means they are writing to my harddrive. i downloaded another program called, stinger that Mcaffe recomnded, and it scaned my HD and nothing happend. i still have those dangerous objects on my computer. what should i do?

Try to run McAffe in safe mode.

I have windows ME how do i run safe mode?

Your problem is not AOL, or any other programs on your computer, your probem is windows me itself.

To get into safe mode, after you boot your computer, a soon as the bios display goes away you need to hit F8

what do u mean by my problem is windows me?


To get into safe mode, after you boot your computer, a soon as the bios display goes away you need to hit F8

To get into safe mode you need to hit F8 or CTRL as soon as the bios display page APPEARS. that is the black and white page.

messages from Mcafee that state write protected can be removed. First you need to keep mcafee updated; always check for updates! Now, get on line, open Mcafee Security center while you are on line. run scan and when it's through click on each item and hit delete and it will delete the write protected virus

depends on your computer but most computers can be started by " restarting your computer and tapping F8 while computer is starting and you will be in safe mode. Or use your help program; that's what it's for

I also have 9.0 SE. After you go to RUN, type in msconfig, click the Startup tab, then uncheck Host Manager, click apply and then okay. You will have to re-boot for the change to take effect. You may also want to uninstall McAfee that you got with AOL 9.0 SE. It drains your computers resoursed and slows it down to a crawl. I installed Norton and goT rid of AOL's version of McAfee. I also got rid of AOL's spyware and firewall. I kept the Pop Up Blocker.

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AOL 9.0 is garbage and takes over your computer like crazy!!!!

AOL7.0 Canada was the last good version!

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