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it's a virtual machine with 8mb video ram (yep, that's eight megabytes), and it only has the os installed with avg free edition. nothing is disabled, but it takes 5 minutes to boot!!


I have Win98 and i also have 8MB shared video (But i only have 64M of ram so 56 after the 8M)

I have gone into Bios and lowered the settings down to minimum (2M) but then everything on my monitor is slow as anything!! (Understandably)

Ah well.........


you can cut down xp using nlite and xplite so when idle it uses 12mb ram but it has very little apps or drivers, and reduced functionality - but it works okay for embedded tasks - i did it like that for a pc a friend used in thier business (it has 24mb ram and a pentium 2) - all it needed to do was read a database ,communicate with a pda thingy via serial , and a printer via paralell, so they could print out stock labels.

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