After downloading & installing the latest recommended Windows updates, most relating to MS office 2007 security updates, my pc displays an error box upon startup as follows:

Box title: SRV #001
Contents: CLED Error
with an "OK" option.

While this box is displayed, no mouse movements are able.
If I ctrl,Alt Delete, it shows this as a running process, and if I "end task", it goes away, but then my PC ignores most basic commands.

(This happened before, after installing the same updates, but after going back to the restore point just before the update install, it did not occur again.)

Well........being a sucker for punishment, I installed the updates again recently, and ...voila, there the sucker is again! :'(

I'm running Windows XP Pro, SP2, MS Office Enterprise 2007

Any ideas/thoughts/solutions/zippo fluid & matches/etc?

It turns out that CLED errror happened to be the licence protection exe program for cubase, which had a problem with the updates on startup. I disabled it fron my startup, then installed the updates, and after that re-enabled it.

All working cooool!
One of those things eh?


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