i have a problem...when i start my computer it starts as normal then there is a very long pause for about 1 minute where it seems like the computer has crashed...but then it suddenly bursts into life again and works as normal.

can sombody tell my what is causing the problem...i have:

cleaned registry
scanned for spyware, adware, viruses
uninstalled unwanted programs

but it is still the same as before :(

thanks in advanced :)

do u have HiJackThis ??? and do you have CCleaner?? if not than download CCleaner from the link in my signature(under my posts)
and go to filehippo.com to download HiJackThis

what do i do with hijackthis? it scans it and it doesn't seem to do anything else.

is there not a program that just does what u want automatically

BTW i have ad-aware and scan it regularly but problem is still there so don't know what that is going to do.

It may be a startup issue.

You may have a lot of programs that start in the background.

One particular cause of slow boot times is if any of there programs are trying to communicate to the internet.

Have a look in your startup group and see whats running.

Press Start > Run > and type msconfig and click OK. Click the Startup tab and have a look to see what's running.

If you download HijackThis, it will allow you to save a report of whats running. Copy and paste it here and we can have a look.

You can download it free here: http://www.merijn.org/files/HiJackThis_v2.exe

most likely antivirus program doing a scan on bootup. do a ctrl+alt+del . go to processes and see whats using the most of the cpu. something will be close to 100% .

well when you scan with HiJackThis you have to click on "scan and save logfile" and you have to copy and paste the logfile on here so we can look at it and tell you if its clean or if things need to be removed

what kind of hardware do you have connected to the mobo., the reason i am asking this I am experiencing the same problem. since i installe and liteon light scribe on the sata port, my PC takes longer to start. bios screen takes long to detect HDD, and attach devices. then a cursor blinks for a minute then windows logo take like 2.5 min to finish, after that its a breeze. logging on is no problem windows come up immediately. so check your connections, I am still trying to work out mine, if i get the answer i will post under this thread.

if any one else has a solution let us know ok

Mine does something along the same lines. But only since I installed Windows Defender...
Killed the service and stopped the exe from loading in the registry on boot and the problem has gone away.

If I get Task Manager up on boot when defender is enabled, one of the svchost.exe instances are hammering the CPU, but when its disabled, none of the svchost.exe services do anything out of the ordinary on boot.

Go figure...

hmmm.... what happened to our original poster, Xoron???

oh well, as long as other people are benefitting its fine

hmmm.... what happened to our original poster, Xoron???

I've no idea... either his problem is now fixed, or the delay has gotten longer than a minute :(