Hi everyone

I can sign in to Daniweb fine on my computer (xp) but I can't on my laptop. I enter my name and password but as soon as I click "login" the password box clears itself so it tries to login without the password field. This has also happened on another forum but I can login to other things fine (hotmail, gmail etc...)can someone help me please?

Many thanks


Try the 'save password' tick box if there is one.
I have mine logged in automatically when i go onto it. A good thing to do is to bookmark the 'control panel' page of your user account, then you don't have to keep logging in all of the time.

Sometimes that happens when i login to sites also but it still logs in.. (When the passwird dissapears its being submitted to the server)

siorry guys my sis changed my password and only now she told me it was nothing to do with my laptop thanks anyway

Well im glad things are ok!