Ad Aware will fix slow running Internet Explorer.

I had the following problem. Internet Explorer was slow to scroll webpages and very slow to display typed information such as typing into the ebay search box.

I found my browser homepage sometimes changed also, so I knew a browser hijacking program had been installed on my hard drive.

I went to and downloaded the free version of their "Ad Aware" program, installed and ran it, and it found and identified the malware files which had been added to my system registry, and on my hard drive.

After Ad Aware quarantined these files, I restarted my computer and ran another scan and found nothing.

Then I tested Internet Explorer and it ran perfectly again. PC-World magazine has given this program "best product" award and it deserves it.

Hope this helps a few people.

Yes, Adaware can work wonders, especially on a noobies machine (not that you are one). Spybot search and Destroy is another great application. I typically run them both to eliminate all the nastiness out there. Adware and Spybot Search and Destroy are must haves. You can find ss&d at

AdAware & Spybot are my faves, along with Avast for virus protection!
Hooray for freebies!