i have a win98SE OS. 512mb of ram.

why 512 when only 256 is available i Don't know Anyway is there actually a memory manager that actually works?

Tom :eek:

hmmm, i havent looked into in QUITE awhile, but i thought Win98 only truly supported up to 192MB or something like that, and once you went beyond that you actually started degrading performance... :?: :?: :?:

i have 512mb of ram but i thought win98 actually used up to 256 max.

do any memory managers speed up windows a little?

and help prevent crashes? :rolleyes:

i have 512mb of ram but i thought win98 actually used up to 256 max. Do any memory managers speed up windows a little and help prevent crashes?

Actually, my research says that 512 MB of RAM works OK with Win98--beyond that, there are problems. The main problem is system resources, a precious commodity under Win9x. Win98, for example, has 128 KB areas of memory reserved for System, User, and GDI. I use the following utilities in this context:

* TinyResMeter to monitor resources such as User/System/GDI, overall RAM, and CPU utilization. Free. Bonus: it works as a screen-grabber! http://perso.accelance.net/~pesoft/trm/us_trm.html

* GoodMem both shows memory available and provides a means of returning memory to the free pool, either automatically or manually with a double-click. Free. MSI wrote it, but it works everywhere. http://www.msi.com.tw/program/support/software/swr/spt_swr_list.php (go to the bottom of the page).

* ResMan combines features of both of the above programs. While I have not used it myself, Entech Taiwan has some excellent utility software--MultiRes, for example, is part of my default installation on every Windows system I touch. Here's the link (it's under the heading Free software): http://www.entechtaiwan.com.

Edit: I just played with ResMan for a while. While there's nothing wrong with it, I think I like the TinyResMeter/GoodMem/PrcView combo better. I left the link, though, because my preferences may differ from yours.

PrcView process viewer: http://www.teamcti.com/pview/prcview.htm

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