please can you help, just recently when i go into a web site and it opens up another site for eg registering or something, it freezes my system, i have to con/alt/del

please help


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just posted this for another issue, but it may well be applicable to your issue as well:

try the following:
1) launch IE, go to Tools & then Internet Options;
2) on the General tab (which it launches to) delete cookies and temporary internet files, including all offline content;
3) go to Advanced tab, lower right click on restore defaults and click Apply;
4) go to Programs tab, middle left click on reset web setting, (recommend you deslect reset homepage);
5) go to Privacy tab (if present), if Default Levels button is active click it;
6) go to Security tab and for each zone set levels to Default Levels if said button is active; click OK.

Does this happen with any website, or just a particular one?

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