I've never installled 8GB of RAM on a computer before and was wondering if there was some kind of setup I had to do before installing it.

I have the Intel DG33TL motherboard and it supports up to 8GB of RAM, but it isn't working. I have the latest BIOS updates, but when I installed 6 or 8GB of RAM I get the memory beep code error.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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Hello everyone,

I have a similar problem. I'm pretty sure that I have installed 8 GB of RAM in my computer.

I use Windows Vista Ultimate 1.0, and Control Panel > System tells me that I have 3007 MB of Memory.

What has gone wrong? What shall I do?


Sorry for the delay.

x86 (32bit) operating system are limited to 4Gb of memory (3.5Gb RAM + 500Mb Other memory)
x64 (64bit) operating system do not have this limit problem and will address all of your RAM

If you have a retail copy of Vista you can order a x64 disk from Microsoft
Your current serial key will still work

To order the media (DVD) go to http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/1033/ordermedia
You should only pay the postage as you already have a license.

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