I know there are programs out there to turn scanners into fax machines. But has anyone used any? I need a good program that will help me do this for free or **cough~cheap**.
Nothing serious, I just need something I can use to fax weekly paystubs to Pittsburgh. I have a scanner, cable internet, dial-up modem, Windows XPpro.

Help please!

How about 'free'? Cheap enough for ya?

Go to your COntrol Panel, open Printers and Other Hardware. Open Printers and Faxes, you'll see there's a wizard to set up a fax driver.

Load it up. After you're done, pick the 'Add Local Fax Printer' in the Printer and Faxes page.

Once you've done that, you'll have a new option, the ability to pick 'Fax' as your printer when you're printing. Scan your document, pick Print, and pick Fax as your printer.

I see you have a modem, so you'll be all set. You might want to pick Fax while you are in the Printer and Faxes page, right click on it, pick Properties, and tell it which modem to use, but you should have no problems figuring that out.

That fix you up?

No way! DOH!!!!

I figured Bill would want me to pay extra for a feature like that!!!

Thanks a bunch I will try this now...

Bill's been giving that away since 98SE, (maybe even 98, I can't recall). He's not so bad a guy, just needs to lose a crudload of money to regain his sensibilities. ;)

Take care, my friend.

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