I have been using my girlfriends computer off an on and last night I went to use it and the following message appeared:

We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change might have caused this." My options are:

Start in safe mode.
Safe mode with networking.
Safe mode with command prompt.
Last known good configuration setting (most recent setting that worked).
Start Windows normally.

I have tried all of these options and they just return me right back to the screen decribed above.

There has been no recently installed software or hardware and the computer worked 100% fine just last evening.

The computer, which is a few years old, came with Windowns XP pre-installed on it.

Can someone please help me i've been reading other forums and trying different things for an hour now and i can figure it out.

Thanks all!

do you have a windows installation cd? if yes try to boot from it and run repair option.

I don't have that disk all I have are the disks that came with the computer. I need to get them from storage and see if any of them will help the problem.

Why would this happen?

there is no straight answer why it happens. there can be may reasons eve i don't know what to say. Ah yes, open you computer case and check out the devices like video card, sound card, ram, etc are connected in proper way.