My computer has recently developed a major problem and its driving me mad. When i start my computer and log in, the compter acts normally and begins to load windows/various other programs but then suddenly freezes and won't do anything. Nothing works - ctrl-alt-delete won't do anything and my computer simply won't respond.

Sometimes I can log in before it freezes and other times it freezes on the log-in screen. I can successfully run Safe Mode and everything is fine - I've ran virus software and found nothing. I also opened the computer up and cleaned out all the dust, both fans are working fine.

I added a new USB wireless adapter recently, but haven't had any problems at all with it, the last time i successfully used the computer nothing unusual happened, and nor did i install any new software/programs or anything.

My computer is an Acer Aspire SA-80
Windows XP Home Edition SP2
Intel Celeron D 336 Processor
512mb ram
SIS 661FX/GX Mirage Graphics Card

I haven't changed any hardware on my computer since i bought it about a year and a half ago, nor have i had any other problems with it.

Can anyone help me please?

Could you provide a list of startup programs? Have you downloaded any new programs that may have cause the problem?

^How would I go about getting that list up on my computer? Also, would the list still be available in safe mode?

I tried to do a system restore thing last night but the computer just froze again.

I know you've opened your computer already.your fans and everything is in place,it might look so but sometimes it isn't.when opening it again make sure your processor is properly seated, heatsink is properly fastened on cpu and fan also firmly seated on heatsink.
!!Monitor the fan on the processor to see if its spinning all the way through the freeze

The same thing happened to me years ago when I didn't know anything bout computers

Have you downloaded any new programs recently?

re-read the first post

i've rechecked both fans, they are working fine, still operating throughout the freeze.

I am far from an expert,,,,but the adapter you just started using,,,,is it internal or external. If it is external could you try bringing the computer up without it and then plugging it in after you are up?

Remember, I'm not an expert.

this is a list of startup programs that i found.

application launcher
utility tray
adobe gamma loader
microsoft office
bt broadband desktop help
belkin wireless usb utility

I did a search to see what that USB adapter was and noticed that a person that had one had problems every time they rebooted and had to unplug it and then reboot. See if that works for you.

i unplugged the wireless adapter when the computer first froze and have tried several times to reboot without it to no avail.

i've been doing some searching and i've been looking in the event viewer (in safe mode obviously) and when i'm attempting to start windows normally i'm getting and error with the Event ID of 7026 which on the microsoft tech base is a failure of the boot start or system drivers loading on startup.

are the symptoms of my freeze in line with this event id? do i have to reinstall all these drivers or something now?

i really appreciate the help from everybody.

Again,,,,I am not an expert, but I look at things in a simple way. I know that I have had problems with my Symantec (Norton's) security checker. It slows my computer down to almost a halt at times. Check and see if your security checker (if you have one) could be the problem.

Good luck.


Oh,,,,one more thing, check with that wireless adaptor company and see if they have had problems with the problem that you are having.


are the symptoms of my freeze in line with this event id? do i have to reinstall all these drivers or something now?

It sounds reasonable to me.think of it:if the system cant find certain system drivers especially essential drivers how will it be able to react?result=freezes.it can be or not.
If thats the case then a research on that adapter might give common answers.

In the mean time try the following:Restart in save mode see if you can do system restore to a known good date preferably before the wireless adapter was installed.if still needed install motherboard suit.
ill help you with a research on that wireless adapter

I had the same problem with a usb stick , the pc wouldnt boot with the usb stick in the front.
As soon as the usb stick was removed , it booted up fine , i think it happens on the older usb sticks , the newer ones seems to be ok.