i got a problem..
i don't know where should i ask..

i got two server..
im only using 1..and the second one is for backup..

problem now is...i don't know which backup software is suitable... i found 1 software..its to expensive...my budget only around 2-3 hundred..

this is the link that i found..


please help me out..

thank you so much...

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how do you want the backup to work? the free backup solutions, like ntbackup which is included in windows, can be suitable for some of the needs


thanks Dima Yasny,

im sorry..but do not understand what u mean?

i need to download the software.. but i dont know which one is suitable..

i have found so many...sample software...so im in confused...

hope u all can help me...



The backup serevr will be required to take over operation and prevent the system down should the main server failed at any reason. It's database will be syncronized all the time with the main server, without any lost of data should the primary server fail at anytime.

Hope you understand.


ok, I do now.
what you're looking for is a failover cluster. you can either set one up using microsoft cluster services, or buy some third party software like XOsoft Wansync, DoubleTake, Neverfail-R2 etc.

MS clustering is free, if you have windows 2003 enterprise edition. but you need a shared SAS or SCSI (or even SAN) storage to host the quorum.
that can be achieved by buying a DAS/iSCSI or SAN box, or by setting up a third server using software iSCSI target services



If your still having trouble with this i think you should try Dmailer Backup Free its very good local and online backup software, It is also network capable for you situation. THis may be the easiest way to fix your problem.

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