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i had small network ( 20-24 PC runing windows xp+ two fast ethernet switches ) as single workgroup i had two internet connections ( 1mbs Dsl line as my primary connection & 512 mbs Vsat connection as backup) and the connection is shared through one host machne running windows xp. to switch between the two connection ihad to do it manualy( unplug the DSL cable and plug the Vsat connection) .and planning to implement windows ISA server 2006 and iam asking can i combine my two internet connection together to get more bandwidth. and if that is not possible how can i configure the ISA server to switch between the two internet automatically without adding new hardware.

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you should have the two connections active at the same time when on connection stop working the network will be automatically transfered to other available internet connection
i have used this procedure by connecting ptcl wireless and ptcl landline at the same time and when i dissconnected the ptcl landline web browser automatically got internet access from ptcl wireless

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