I recently got a new pc wich was pretty expensive but worth it i thought until i saw that after playing a game for 30 seconds it crashed it just froze over and didnt turn back only thing i could do is restart the pc the guy from the shop said its because the games arent compatable with Windows vista but a game like WoW should be up to date to any new thing well anyway mayby somone knows a sulotion i was gonna try and get Windows Xp and see if it didnt crash there then its deffenatly the windows vista but the weird thing is if i turn SLI of the pc can hold out 'longer' then with the 2 GPU's working mostly happens with games but also happens when watching a movie or youtube stuff like that but it didnt crash if i actualy put in a dvd al mind breaking especially for a boy my age xD
well anyway heres the pc

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4ghz
XFX N790 i think motherboard
Gigabyte Aurora W/O psu
ATX1000W REAL power spire
2x '8800 GT X123 512MB 600Mhz" = 1024MB 1200Mhz 'SLI'

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Make sure you've applied all of your game's patches.

Also when launching the game right click on the icon and select 'Run as administrator' .

Wow. That was an amazing sentence. Can you read it out loud without breathing?

Anyway, you should also make sure you have the right drivers installed. Does it ever happen when you're not doing something particularly graphics related (e.g. not games, movies, etc...)? Say like when typing a document or something?

Lol. Sorry for the shitty english and 'one sentance' xD. And i installed all the right drivers. And yes i get it when im just watching youtube or if i listen to music the game will crash alot faster :s do you think it will help installing XP ?

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