Alright, firstly i'm semi-comp literate but nothing to advanced. I'm pretty sure I have some trojans one being SpeedRunner.exe but when I try to get rid of it it comes back. If anyone can help me that'd b hip. By the way i have dial-up so include file sizes on downloads (if any) and so i can know if i'm going to need to download it over night. thanks in advance.

(posting in the wrong place)
what makes you think its a virus-what happens?

you say you delete or quarantine the viruses trojans etc.can you give me the name of the viruses or trojans,or weather it is a virus or trojan the mean time run regcure i dont know the size but its less than 5mb

What is your anti-virus software and what other software do you use to remove the virus/malware?

problems: various popups, messages saying that a web page can't be displayed when i wasn't trying to get to one, programs (mainly my sister sims2) crashing at random, I know this sounds impossible but the internet's running slower, there's another one that I can't remember what it's asking but one of the response answer things is "work offline".
Well I have Norton but it says everythings fine when I scan everything but then when I'm online every few minutes or so it asks if I want to block something with an ActiveX control. As for removing them since i thought I didn't have the time to download any other software and I wasn't getting any help from Norton, I would just google the .exe see if it said it was spyware and if it was I would search for it on my comp then uninstall/delete it. yeah i know it isn't the right way to do it but it got rid of Speedrunner.exe. I'm downloading Regcure now so hopefully I'll run that 2nite
I'm a n00bz0r @ spyware and never really worried about it until now so thx

regcure is for registry fixes.after cleaning your trend micro's DOS application here (2.1MB) and the two essential pattern files namely lptXXX and sspdaX_XX(X means latest versions)witch you can find at the same site

extract/install thhe DOS application and the files in a temp folder(all inthe same folder) in the root of local disk,now go into safe mode and run the DOS application

I can't find lptXXX or sspdaX_XX on the website but I have TSC downloaded. also should this fix it or is this just a step to fixing my comp? again thx

heres the exact links(just look on page)
if it is trojans this should fix it or atleast give you names and/or locations of the viruses trojans etc. see how it behaves

Alright, I'm pretty sure i followed your directions right. When I ran the main TSC thing command prompt came up and most of the stuff that came up started with either executing worm but their were a few troj's then it just exited. Did i do something wrong? Again thx

Ive found that you've downloaded the TSC witch is the trend customer application you should have downloaded the Sysclean package 4.5mb(middle of page)witch you can find on the same page
PS sorry for the bad instruction
do exactly the same but just replace the TSC app with sysclean package.dont forget the pattern files