Hello all,

Here is my problem in detail,

I have to get data from remote server to local server. currently i am working on local server trying to connect to the remote server through php script. but rempte server is blocked due to security reasons.

I am the admin for the database in remote server and admin in local server too. But I could not unblock the firewall.

I am asked to make a hole to the remote server so that I can pull the data from it through my local machine.

I tried possible stuff like
1) Add a port in remote machine to give access to local server to fecth. ( group policy denied)
2) I tried
netsh firewall set icmpsetting type =All mode =Enable in remote server command prompt and the reply was ok.
but i tried to connect there is no effect

PS. Remoter server is windows machine
local server is linux machine

any help is appreciated


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look into the linux machine, are you running smb?
that is how you communicate with windows servers
perhaps re-post in the linux section


on your remote server go to the data base,
-on standard menu,
-go to tools
-click edit source code you will see the security code delete it then the fire wall will unblock.

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