Hi there, Just wondering if anybody can help me out here. I'm in no ways a computer whizz so please excuse my ignorance on this!

I have just tried to set up Microsoft Outlook with a new mail account. While I can send from this new account I don't seem to be receiving anything. I've followed all the instructions as per my Plusnet setup guide and don't know any tricks of the trade to try to fix this.

Any suggestions greatfully received...


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Hi there,

Thought I'd pop in and see if I could help.

While I can send from this new account I don't seem to be receiving anything

Are you attempting to collect email from the default mailbox or a separate one you have set up? If it's not the default mailbox then you'll need to make sure the username you enter is username+mailbox.

So for example if my username is chris and I've set up a mailbox called test then the username for it would be chris+test.

If you want me to check over your account to make sure there aren't any problems with it let me know a ticket number from there and I'll have a look.

Kind Regards,

Chris Parr


See if your email server requires an encrypted connection (SSL). If it does, enable SSL on your outlook then put the required port to open.

You'll find it on advance menu on more settings under Internet E-mail settings.

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