After googling for a couple of hours and only to find the same solution each and every time, I decided to ask here.

Now my problem:

I have Internet Gateway, or ICS, showing up in my Network Connections window.

I want to disable it without uninstalling it from Add/Remove programs since it also disables viewing/sharing files/etc with other computers on my network. (Unless there's a solution for this, and I'm a bit lazy to find it...and tired, of course.)

So please, if you know how to fix this issue, with being able to keep me with Network File/Print Sharing (working), then please help!


just remove the Share This Connection V from the tickbox in NIC properties

It's not ticked.

are you sure you have ICS and not a router?

if it's a router, you need to disable the UPnP discovery service

UPnP discovery service <- how do i disable this.

And yes, I have a router but I get the "Internet Gateway" stuff in my network properties.

you would have to turn it off from the present network connection you have

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