I am not sure if I am in the right place, I have Vista and also Office 2003. My laptop came with an Office 2007 trial, which has expired. Now everytime I try to use Picture Manager it asks me to convert to 2007. When I cancel it will not let me use the Picture Manager other than to view pics. I have tried to unistall and nothing happens.
Can anyone enlighten me?

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Once the trial for office 2007 has finished, it will only let you view the files that you want to open, not edit or save them.

In order to use Office 2007 you would have to purchase a key from microsoft.

what do you mean by "I have tried to uninstall and nothing happens"?

If you dont want to purchase office 2007, I suggest that you uninstall office 2007 and install office 2003. You would then be able to use picture manager as it is a registered version.


Thanks for that.........I already had 2003 and installed it. I did not use the trial 2007. But I have recently tried to use picture manager and that's when I have the problem. It asks me to convert to 2007 - which I don't want to do - and when I cancel, it won't let me do anything.
I have tried add/remove programmes to remove the 2007 version which I thought would then leave me with my 2003 working, but it won't uninstall.
I have not tried the second suggestion yet.
Thanks again


I've been using the program for about 6 months now and I can rip almost any streaming music. As far as the 10 per day limit, I know there is a piece of aditional or alternative software that provides unlimited access.

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