Hi All,

I have recently formatted my HDD and proceeded to re-install Windows XP Home with the suppliers recover discs. Everything seemed to be progressing correctly untill i was told to press any key to restart after the installation was complete. When the pc restarted it got as far as the windows XP loading screen and after about 4-5 seconds i got a blue screen error UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_DEVICE. I have followed the on screen suggestions but to no avail. Now when the pc is turned on it will only go to the recovery disc command prompt if the disc is in the drive, or says can't find opperating system with no disc in drive.

From the command prompt i can only preform tasks using the recovery disk, i cant change drives at the command prompt(cant look on C:\), the computer will not start up in safe mode (just blue screens) and i have tried using the last known good configuration, again just blue screen error. when i try to use the recovery software it fails (with message - cannot find ghost.txt) and then blue screens.

Does anyone have an suggestions as to what i might be able to do inorder to get the machine up and running again?

Spec: Emachines 370, 1.8GHz, 512MB Ram, 60GB HDD, 52x CD-RW

See if you can run the three following commands from that prompt:

chkdsk /r 
chkdsk /p
fixboot c:

If you can't run those from there, you will have to get your hands on a XP install CD, use the Recovery Console, and run those commands from there.

If the eMachine is like most other machines that have recovery disks, it puts a "ghost image" of the drive in factory condition on a separate partition. It sounds like that partition got corrupted. If you manage to get the machine running, schedule a scandisk with all the options enabled for each partition and reboot the machine. This will scan the partitions and fix the problems.

Thanks Chrisbliss18.

I am now up and running again. :cheesy:

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