I need some help with a display issue, please.

I got a call from a co-worker yesterday complaining about the text having shrunk inside his windows on all programs, but not on his desktop. He tells me he didn't do anything that would have caused this. I had him play with the screen resolution and that didn't help. Neither did changing the font sizes in Display Properties/Appearance. We also tried to change the font size for window text in the active window and it wasn't an option.

When he reverted the screen resolution to its original setting, I'm told that the display now appears convex and the window text is still too small. The wallpaper and all windows, regardless of size, have curved black arches on all four sides.

I'm stumped, so any suggestions would be appreciated.


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It's a CRT display, Stephanie? The control circuit for the field coils around the back of the tube which "magnify" or broaden the electron beam is dying... it's not spreading the beam as it should. Time to get a new screen; generally they are not worth repairing.

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