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May be your palm tx is not compatiable with windows vista. Check with the palm tx vendor for support.


My new hp laptop is great. But with 64-bit vista on it I can't sync my palm tx to it. Any solutions?

I have 64 bit windows 7 and have done the following. First my T/X will connect to the net using my local Wifi. I loaded palm desktop 6.2 and told the palm to connect through the network and gave it the local IP address for the my computer. pressed the hot sync button and it works great. I was concerned this would not work. I have been doing LAN syncs for quite sometime but they have always required the first sync to be with a cable. This was not the case with 6.2

Your other option would be to get a bluetooth dongle for your computer and sync that way, palm have directions on their site for that.


I'm trying to hotsync Palm TX with 64-bit Window 7 but I get stuck at step 4 which tells me to tap "Other" button at the bottom to enter PC's IP address. I do not see that "Other" on my TX screen. It's frustrating me. Help me out. I love the TX and want to use it.


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Unfortunately a 64Bit Operating system or Windows 7 is not compatible with the legacy palm softwares if you are looking to set up a wired connection.

Best way you can Sync palm with Windows is using Palm Desktop 6.2.2 and setting up wireless connection via bluetooth or WiFi.

It's bit complicated but it works for sure.

Ryan McCarthy

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