ok i rebooted my computer cuz one of my games froze but then when i was selecting user, something similar to this popped up. windows hardware has changed significantly since first activation. 3 days left to re activate. would you like to do this now? i already fixed it but idk why this happend. i have no new hardware installed. the only thing i changed was my network card but when i installed it nothing happened so i dont think its that. i think that it MIGHT be daemon tools cuz thats a virtual drive so maybe windows thinks its a real one? idk if thats true but could someone plz tell me why i got this message? thx

Networking card MIGHT be responsible, MAC Addresses are one of the things monitored in windows authentication, but wont do it on it's own.

Since your OS crashed during game play I'd guess that there was a driver issue that played a part in it.

For windows to need reactivation it needs either one big change, or several small changes. For example:
One new boot drive
New network adapter AND New video card
(This does all depend on version)

A driver issue with your video card or some other vital component could conceivably confuse windows into thinking there was a hardware change, as well as causing a game to crash.

i think you should try and re activate it over the internet (either dialup or via a LAN/WAN).cause after those 3 days u will not be able to login to that computer before it is activated. they are some software which can remove those activation popups

i already fixed it but idk why this happend. i have no new hardware installed

It's already been reactivated, bojadada is just curious what could have caused it.