I installed BF2 on a new comp w/ vista, single player works good, but does not connect to multiplayer, says kicked for OS restrictions by punkbuster, do I need to re-install, I have already updated the patch on it and all of the vista updates. what do I do know?

In XP limited or guest accounts do not work, you need to be an administrator to play games that require punkbuster.

I dont know how the users work in vista

I didn't think it was compatible with Vista.
Seeing as it was made before Vista, i don't think it would work on multiplayer.

I did ask yahoo answers and one person said that it worked fine, but didn't explain what they did, another one said I might have to go back to XP, or try to get updates and I did get updates, so I'm not sure what i need to do

Have you got the latest patch running?
That is a common mistake, did you use patch 1.41?
Also are you playing BF2 standalone, or the Complete Collection version?

I have the complete collection and ya I am running the 1.41 patch

I even contacted EA GAmes dirrectly and all they had to say was that the game was made before vista...some help they gave me!

Did you instal it as follows:
BF2 game -> Patch -> reboot -> BF2 special forces -> patch -> reboot -> euro force -> patch -> reboot -> armoured fury -> patch -> reboot.
Install the 2 add on's (Armoured fury and Euro force) in that order only.
It's long winded yes, but it 'should' work.

it won't let me install euro and armored fury

it should be all on one cd right?

If you have the 2007 complete collection version, then you should have it on one DVD. A CD isn't big enough. Go onto the disc itself and manually instal it that way.

to play it online and not get the punkbuster messages you need to right click and select run as adminstrator.. i had the same prob kicked by punk buster for os something or another..

I run into probs when trying to install the two booster packs as well. it says that i need to apply the patch which have already been installed. both 1.4 which comes on the dvd and 1.41 downloaded seperatly..