ive been having a few problems with vista for the last week due to trojans, but only problems like the system running slow, software disruption and constant pop ups.

a friend installed kaspersky and the problems seemd to go away until the next scan where kaspersky prompted me that an operation required a reboot. after the reboot, vista loads normally to the login screen. once i have logged in all i get a a black screen (no toolbar, desktop icons - nothing) apart from a windows explorer box which has allowed me to access the internet.

does anyone know anything i can do to solve this?
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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What happens if you start up in safe mode?

Is this Windows explorer or Internet explorer?

Where does the window load you too (my computer, a specific folder, a specific website)

Try CTRL+ALT+DELETE, task manager, start new program, "explorer.exe" run. That should load your task-bar.

when i load the laptop it takes me to my documents.
i cant even access the task manager when i try it says that the administrator has disabled it.
also i have lost the full control over folders so i can no longer edit the access properties.
when i load it in safe mode it does the exact same, black screen and my documents.

Check every thing.Check your memory and cokies evry thing.Somethng could be incorupt.I have a proogram that cleans it all up but I not sure were I got it.IT clears history cokies every thing but nothing that is important.If you folders that are empty it won't do anything.After it finished I did not lose anything.I did not notice.It cleared up about 30 or 40 GB of memory.I will tell you what the program is called but cant tell you what website I got it off.It is called ATF-Cleaner.Wait I just found the website that it is form.It is called http://Atribune.org.Hope this helped you.


This sounds like a virus, the disabled CTRL+ALT+DELETE is a tell tale sign.

Try creating another user account and running your virus checks from there.

It definitely appears you have a virus. If you belong to a University or know someone that does. I recommend you go to an IT lab and see if they have a 'Bart PE' CD. If so ask if you can borrow it or do your own checks with it.
What it does it scans and deletes viruses behind walls pretty much.
Restart or from shut down, boot from CD and run Bart PE. We use Macfee which has a list of the latest viruses. I can go into details but it depends on how they built the CD.
I need to get the latest version of this CD, I can create an ISO file but don't have anywhere to upload it for you.
I hope this information helps.

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