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I would uninstall and reinstall the program, but this time read everything. Chances are you missed something.

I've heard of the Sage company before. An accountant here uses it. So I would think it's decent.

But try an uninstall reinstall.
Post again here if still receiving errors


Hey lighthawk,

I've uninstalled and re-installed the product over and over again. But let's put it this way, from the looks of the scenario, there's a conflict between two software manager. These are sage accpac erp 5.4 and sage pfw for windows. Once, the two are on the same computer, and once accpac is installed before the pfw, then there is a conflict. However, i just really want to understand why the windows installer would be prompted given a different situation from the one stated above. For example, lets say that I have installed microsoft office. But everytime after the installation i am prompted to installed office again, name a possible reason why i am prompted again?

Thanks in advance


registry errors during installation.
That actually happens on occassion with the student teacher edt of office.

Also updates could cause the problem.

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