Hi all,

this is my first message and I would to say hello to all the community of Daniweb! Thank you for all your effort!

Well, I've a problem I can't resolve myself:

All the domains on a specific server with IIS 6.0 WinServer 2003r2 on dell 2950 with Broadcom BCM5708c nextremeII are not reacheable by anything kind of browser based on macos or linux Operative systems. But on the same machines, with a virtualisation program, an XP instance view the websites normally.

The Service center of my hoster said there some problems with the driver of the specific netcard, but, for them, all system is up to grade and works 100%.

Can someone help me please?

Thank You!

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first of all

netsh int ip set chimney disabled

are you using http, ot https?
does the site work if you access it with firefox or safari from windows?
also, if you use a simple index.html with some text, does it work?


Thank you for your reply DimaYasny, but I'm not a sysadmin and I don't know what

netsh int ip set chimney disabled

is mean. I'm sorry! :)

I'm using http, the site works well with firefox on Win and a simple data.asp print out the server date works fine on bother mac and win OS..

Thanks for your help!


start->run-> and type the netsh command there. press enter afterwards

if you create a simple HTML file, NOT ASP, does that work fine with linux clients?

if you try to pull the page from the linux console, what do you receive? try links and wget


Thanks for your support DimaYasny,

Well, after a lot of phone calls at the Call Center of my provider, they found the solution: they're applied a driver patch upgrade for the broadcom 5708C NetxtremeII from dell support site on the Dell PowerEdge 2950. Now everything's works fine but, I don't know with precision what patch they used.

Thank you again for your help!

Have a nice day!


the first one is an MS update that disables ToE (same as the netsh command I have provided earlier)

the second is probably a driver and firmware update for the bcom NICs, available on support.dell.com

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