If I use a dialup ISP nonMS, does Internet explorer do all the "explorering"? Or does the ISP have it's own.? I use search engines google and yahoo and save favorites for all my webbing. How do I know if IE is behind the scenes running the show.
Reason foe asking is because IE keeps popping up with error going to shut down, not exact words but you know what I mean and kills everything. How do I stop that from happening or can I? I'm no wiz at this kind of thing. I use system suite to try fixing stuff but it doesn't do a thing for this problem.
Hope someone can help out here.

What version of Explorer do you have ?
Earlier version had a repair option under Help or Tools (If my memory serves me well)
Either way try Add/Remove Programs/Windows Components/ Explorer and choose repair.
You will probably be asked to insert your installation disk.

I see some google ads for IE fixing. Gonna try one of those. I have IE5 or something. How do you tell? Not much under help or tools. Done the setting checks and changed as I thought necessary. I'll report if the fixes work.

apparently some kind of registry glitchs happend causing the trouble. I downloaded regcure to scan but it only could fix 2 of the 66 errors found so had to buy the full magilla for 30 but seemed like it will come in handy in future. I gonna mark this solved

after doing the register fix and defrag no more trouble and faster operation to boot.