i recently got a new hp. while starting up, for some reason right after that green bar is done moving, i get a blue screen which says "windows is starting up". The problem is it stays for about 32 seconds everytime before i can log into my user name. i know its not that big of a deal but its bugging me. my older dell doesnt even show that blue screen when starting up. btw my hp did it from the start. its not like i downloaded something that started it.

here are some specs of my hp:

amd xp 3000+
160 gb
512 ram
nvidea geforce fx 5200 128mb
windows xp

from my dell:
intel 2.4 ghz
80 gb
512 ram
nvidea geforce mx 440
windows xp

thx for the help

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well im pretty sure i have the latest updates. i just did a disk check and had no improvement. but i went to blackviper.com and fooled around with the settings and got a nice speed increase. its now down to 11 seconds. thanks affleck, but is it normal to get the "windows is starting up" screen?


the screen has the same look as the user login screen but just says windows is starting up before is shows the user names.


You said HP do they show their screen? (Kind of like DELL's boot up screen)I strive for fast boot up's like you. I would also be pissed off if I wasnt booting up with in a time frame according to my CPU(quicker than average cpu in its gig range ).Post back the exact time(sec) it takes from physically turning on the comp till the logon screen.You might can change somthing in your BIOS to make it quit that.


from starting the comp to login screen - 45.31 seconds

the windows is starting up screen - 11.21 seconds


Yeah, well one other thought is to see what is running in the windows taskbar. Anything there that needs to be loaded at Windows start up can slow things down too. i.e. Zone Alarm, Norton Antivirus (nasty one for this), ICQ, MSN Messenger, SQL Server (my personal one), Oracle, Powerstrip, quicktime, realplayer, musicmatch jukebox, nero smartpanel, nvidia panel, ati panel, etc....

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