I have VMware WS4 running on a Dell GX60 P4 2 ghz w/ 256MB RAM WinXP Pro host. I have a Win98SE installed, running fine as a guest. I've installed the VMware tools. All VMware video & NIC drivers are loaded successfully. I have a need to AUTOMATE a file move from the W98 guest hard drive to the WXP host hard drive, and then another file back the opposite direction. Can this be done through a "DOS" batch file, or best through a WSH / VB script? I know the gui cut/copy paste function works, but I need to AUTOMATE this. What is the best, safest and EASIEST way to do this?

Thanks in advance :-)

First let me make sure you have a directory on the host computer mapped as a drive on the virtual machine, correct? This probably could be done via a batch file although I'm not exactly sure what the copy command for client\*.* to host\*.* is. However, most back-up software should be able to do this, no? Doesn't WindowsXP even come with built-in back-up software (don't know how feature-rich it is as I've never used it though). Good luck.

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