recently i restored my PC to factory settings because of bad malware and viruses, therefor i lost all my programs. i have reinstalled most of them, but have lost my Front Page 2003 CD. i have searched the internet for i trial of Front page but cant find one. i have a valid key, i have the box but seem to have misplaced the CD. can anyone help me out by giving me a website where i can download the trial version and activate it with my key.

*This advice is not condoned by OlyComputers, Rather a vague hint by Fredrick*

If you can download a copy of the same version of frontpage off of a torrent site you should be able to use your key. To the best of my knowledge and research thsi is not illegal as long as you use YOUR key. Distributing an unauthorized copy, using a key you didn't pay for, or altering the software itself violates the licensing agreement but I've never seen anything to make me think that simply posessing a disk image or using a non-original disk to install with a valid key is against the EULA.

That said this is not a promise, and you should always use common sense (Virus scans) and your own morality before downloading any software outside of a manufacturers channel.

I seem to remember something years ago that microsoft would issue you a new disk if you could send in the user manual and key code (their way of proving you had the original copy at one point) I don't know if I'm remembering this correctly or if they still do it. But it might be worth a shot.

PS: Most viruses in grey-black market software are in Key-Generators or bundled files. If you're using your own key you can avoid that issue.

i was considering downloading a torrent, but just wanted to see if there was another because as you said there are risks of viruses

Generally speaking viruses aren't an issue until you open the porgram. If you trust your anti-virus software and clear it before you install you should be fine.

You can download it from microsoft web site. It think it is easy for you.

Abu has a good point. Microsoft has trial versions of most of their software that can be activated. I don't know if they keep trials from outdated versions, but it's worth a try.

they don't have it on the website ive searched, all outdated software is removed when a newer version comes out

contact microsoft and explain the situation, or use a torrent site like one of the above replies suggested, as long as you have a good antivirus (i recommend kaspersky) and good antispyware(i recommend ad aware) you'll be fine. You've paid and bought the product and you have the key so you have nothing to worry about but you should have kept the cd with the case :).