Hi everyone,
When my system connected to net, it asked to register my windows xp . i have registered and it has been verified my microsoft and declared that it is not genuine, and asking me go buy genuine. And iam not allowed to update my system. Later i bot a new genuine Key. I dont want to reinstall my windows because i have some other important softwares installed in my system which not having backup.
If i reinstall i will loose my software. I have a genuine copy of windows now.

In this situation what can i do for making my copy of existing windows to genuine windows.
Can any one help me.

Thanking all in advance.

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Tough luck, that's what you get for installing an illegitimate copy of Windows XP. You'll just have to backup your data and try reinstalling with a legal copy this time.


Installing Windows should not affect your other files, unless they reside in an area Windows needs for its contiguous files.

Also, he might not be the one who installed a pirate copy of Windows. An unscrupulous dealer may have done it.


Now that u hav a genuine key with u try to make use of "Key changer software" and enter the genuine key.... See if your system gets updated then.....


You can just register or validate your xp with new genuine serial key given. open microsoft website ......... and you do not have to reinstall it.

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