Hi all,

Ive been asked to come up with a way to have a number of .ISO files stored on a central server (Windows Server 2003), which are then mounted via some form of virtual CD drive software. The idea is then that all the users connected to the network can access these mounted virtual CD drives.

The problem i have...is that i need to find a solution that is FREE.

I know that there are many solution available such as:
Virtual CD Network

But we don't have the money to implement this.

So in essense i am looking for a piece of software just like the above, that is FREE.

I look forward to hearing some of your suggestions.

Thanks in advance

Joseph Bromwich

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Yes, there are some free software available to mount the ISO image as the virtual CD drive. After that, you can use that drive using windows' file sharing facility.

Alcohol 52% does that very nicely. (free edition available)

So would you be saying:

To share the whole virtual drive to the users?

Look for Daemon Tools on google, The free version let's you mount up to 4 virtual drives.

Thanks for all the replies.

But are there any free solutions that would just run a client on the users pc's.

i.e. no sharing the cd drives.

Thank you once again for your help.

Joseph Bromwich

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